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Show opens : 1.00pm with late night closing at 9.00pm


andrew laird IN COLLABORATION WITH viktor rebernak.


opening reception begins at 1.00pm with late night closing at 9.00pm


We hope you can join us for this UNMISSABLE show  by two exceptional talents!


Illustrated:  (From the top right)

'BRAQUO' By Viktor Rebernak


Viktor Rebernak - Braquo
Andrew Laird -Staten Island I

capturing the beauty of lancashire 

stunning new arrivals



Geoff butterworth

Lancashire Fine Artist



No.7 'FOUR DAYS OF SNOW'  Cliviger, Lancashire

No.11  'THE VALLEY' Walsden, Lancashire

No.12 'QUALITY TIME...' Littleborough, Lancashire


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Geoff Butterworth - Four Days of Snow
Geoff Butterworth - The Valley Walsden Lancashire
Geoff Butterworth - Quality Time 3

the fletcher gate art gallery


the september line up


showing this autumn


nael hanna - scottish fine artist

The new works to be shown comprise of over 10 paintings in all. Every piece is complex and beautiful; the richness of colour and indulgence of texture draws the onlooker in to see something different each time. Instantly recognisable seascapes and landscapes form the bedrock of Nael's new body of work and amongst this backdrop he has produced breath-taking still life, as well as capturing the romance and vibrancy of more far flung destinations such as Morocco and Italy.

Based in Angus, Scotland, Nael Hanna has long been regarded as one of the UK's most visionary landscape painters. His love of the Scottish north east coastline has provided the inspiration for much of his 30-year career as a modern contemporary artist.

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tom voyce -  winner of skys arts 'landscape artist of the year'


At just 29 years of age Tom has come a long way from his Fine Arts Masters degree at Aberystwyth University in Wales to win the prestigious SKY ARTS LANDSCAPE ARTIST OF THE YEAR in 2017.

Impressing the judges with his powerful and distinctive landscapes, his prize was a £10,000 commission from the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London, where he was invited to paint the view from the legendary playwright Noel Coward’s home in Jamaica. 


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laury dizengremel- international sculptor


Laury was born in Paris in 1954. She sees herself first as a sculptor and second as a jack of all trades: former dancer, former translator, designer and sculpture teacher, but also mother, dog lover, poet, occasional photographer, songwriter, web designer, co-organizer of an international annual Festival, and concerned "world citizen" working on a number of community art projects, for example as a member of Artists for Human Rights, "20 Celebrity Heads" to raise funds for The World Literacy Crusade, and the Arte Para Todos project organised by the United Nations of Honduras.


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sarah watson - grantham fine artist


Sarah Watson explores the beauty and dynamism of the natural landscape using oilsticks (pure oil pigment and wax for easy transport) which she translates into descriptive but uniquely expressive marks. Much of her work leans towards abstraction but the form is still held. Her work is strictly carried out en plein air, where her emotional response to her setting is clearly described. Any further oil painting in her studio will always be translated directly from these original works.


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viktor rebernak - slovenian fine artist

Born in Slovenia in 1967 Rebernak graduated with a Masters Degree in Fine Art from the world renowned 'Ljubljana Fine Art Academy'.

He has exhibited widely in Moscow, Austria, Vienna, Germany and Italy.


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simeon stafford - cornish naive fine artist



Simeon Stafford was born in Duckinfield, a small northern town bordering the Pennines, in 1956. As a young artist, Stafford's landscapes were similar to the gritty northern landscape of L.S.Lowry and other English northern artists. At the age of 14 Stafford was introduced to L.S Lowry after winning the Robert Owen Award for Art and the Manchester News Portrait Award, Lowry became a family friend and remains a constant source of inspiration to the artist. From 1972 Simeon studied at Hyde College and in 1974 became a professional artist. When Simeon later moved to Cornwall in 1996, the influence of his northern roots fused with the magnetism of West Penwith to create an expressionism within his work which is both powerful and alluring. During this time, he met the artists Patrick Heron and Terry Frost.


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louise jannetta - derbyshire fine artist


The following body of enchanting works depicts the trees and woodlands of Louise's home in Buxton, Derbyshire. Here, she invites us to revel in the woodlands pattern and abstraction, to immerse in the texture, atmosphere and light that plays amongst the dense undergrowth and leaf canopy. It is an artist’s response to her muse which allows the viewer to enjoy the freedom of their own is


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zino pece - fine artist of the brick lane gallery london and new york artist

Born in Nottingham, Zino Pece began his studies with a foundation course in Art in Nottingham followed by a BA (hons) and MA in Photography in the Arts at Swansea Metropolitan University.

It was following a college trip to a Post Impressionist exhibition in London at the age of 16, when Zino witnessed for the first time the raw primitive beauty of Toulouse-Lautrec and Van Gogh in the flesh, that he was inspired to break away from representational art.

During the last two years Zino has become, according to the art critic Kenworth Moffet; “one of a handful of painters who I think of as at the cutting edge of modern abstraction. 

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Illustrated Right:



Lincolnshire Life Magazine' August Issue

'CORNISH COAST' By Sarah Watson

Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year (2017) image source skyarts.com

'BEAUTIFUL BLUE' By Louise Jannetta

'Early Morning' (After Edward Hopper's 'Early Sunday Morning' By Tom Voyce   

'GERMAN SERIES I' By Viktor Rebernak

Simeon Stafford biography by Jonathan Riley

'PINK EGRET' By Zino Pece

'WAKING LAND' By Zino Pece

Nael Hanna - Still Life With Lute
Lincolnshire Life
Sarah Watson - Cornish Sea
Tom Voyce - Sky Arts
Louise Jannetta - Beautiful Blue
Viktor Rebernak - German Series I
Tom Voyce - Early Morning
gallery interior 2018
Simeon Stafford - Book
Zino Pece - Pink Regret
Zino Pece -Waking Land


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