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a celebration of exceptional talent from home and abroad


Important works by the Internationally renowned Cornish Naive artist SIMEON STAFFORD


‘STILL LIFE’ By Simeon Stafford.  This highly significant, stunning work is illustrated in the artist’s biography  -‘SIMEON STAFFORD’ By Jonathan Riley

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UNFORGETTABLE", "MESMERIZING" - Original oils by Tom Voyce (Sky Art’s Landscape Artist of the Year)



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ENCHANTING"  figurative and abstract works  by the  Slovenian fine artist Viktor Rebernak


'THE VISIT’ By Viktor Rebernak    

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"'PAINTINGS WHICH RESONATE" stunning abstracts by Andrew Laird



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We look forward to seeing you in the gallery.


Best Wishes


George and Claire



Simeon Stafford - Still Life
Tom Voyce  -ORCHY Viaduct
Viktor Rebernak - The Visitb1
Andrew Laird - Aleppo

the fletcher gate art gallery is proud to present:


'endless summer'

by sarah watson

grantham fine artist


Influenced by the neo-romantic artists and the american expressionists, Sarah's emotive, vividly interpreted landscapes and coastal scenes are both conceptual and expressionist.   

In an instant, Sarah's painting take us to the place that they depict and we actually feel the sun on our skin, hear the waves and feel the grass under our feet.

The flat farmland and huge skies of her home county of Lincolnshire provide Sarah with her  daily dose of inspiration. She is particularly in thrall to the constantly changing colours and patterns in the crop fields and the endlessly changing drama in the clouds. She sees something new in the landscape every day, calling Lincolnshire her ‘tireless, beautiful muse’.

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Sarah's summer collection is now on show to view.

We look forward to seeing you in the gallery.


Best Wishes

George and Claire



Sarah Watson - Towards the Sea Norfolk
Lincolnshire Life
Sarah Watson - Cornish Sea

the fletcher gate art gallery presents 

tom voyce

sky arts landscape artist of 2017


We are thrilled to be bringing the work of Tom Voyce to a Nottingham audience and beyond.

At just 28 years of age Tom has come a long way from his Fine Arts Masters degree at Aberystwyth University in Wales to win the prestigious SKY ARTS LANDSCAPE ARTIST OF THE YEAR in 2017.

Impressing the judges with his powerful and distinctive landscapes, his prize was a £10,000 commission from the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London, where he was invited to paint the view from the legendary playwright Noel Coward’s home in Jamaica.

Tom’s style emerges from the American Modernism of the 1960’s where artists like Diebenkorn and De Kooning were conveying the visual experience of the three-dimensional world into the concept of flat painting.

At first glance Tom’s paintings bare a striking resemblance to the works of the Richard Diebenkorn. But on closer inspection it becomes apparent that Tom chose the ‘American Master’ only as a grounds of departure. Painted on a very intimate small-scale-form, Tom’s landscapes have an ability to mesmerize us on an abstract level.

In Tom’s paintings, Diebenkorn’s flat cartography is suddenly transformed into the full three-dimensional perspective of Renaissance, reminiscing its linear perspective and disappearing into a vanishing point as if we were invited to move on from Diebenkorn’s modern era of 20th Century to the post modern era of 21st Century where the flatness of painting is no longer a necessary concept or guarantee of Modern Art…

We revel in these rectilinear images so gorgeous and meticulously planned, with their “tension beneath the calm”. Their measured thinking, exacting geometry and abstract freedom is Tom’s greatest contribution to the ‘Successive Contemporary’.

Tom Voyce pic 1
Tom Voyce - image of Tom
Tom Voyce - View From Firefly


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