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Geoff Butterworth FRSA BWS FIGA

Geoff Butterworth FRSA BWS FIGA

Geoff Butterworth’s development as an artist coincided with a new environment in the North of England – The Post Industrial Landscape.
He records the Northern scene as it is today, emerging from its grimy industrial past, it’s countryside sweeping back, its pennine moors subtly –hued, the old stone buildings of its upland towns warmed by a brighter sun. The same sun warms the couples strolling in a light filled City square too, seen from the depths of sharp shadowed Victorian Arcade.
Northern Light is, they say, “different”. It is the portrayal of this light that marks out a Butterworth painting and gives it its special quality. The light sweeps in, lifting the subject clear of its background, and giving it an almost magical iridescence. Here is the work of a masterly painter, totally at ease with his subjects and his technique. His work is elegant, sophisticated and “accessible” using that much abused word in the best sense. His view is fresh, close –to- home, pleasing and truthful.
Becoming increasingly well known internationally and nationally, the collectability of this remarkable self taught artist was never in doubt.
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.
Fellow of the International Guild of artists.
Member of the Birmingham Watercolour society
Elected member of the Society of Artists
Three times winner of the British Watercolour society top prize
Two times -Prize winner at the Laing, Landscape and Seascape competition.
Major prize winner at the RI watercolour exhibition Mall Gallery. London. 

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No.7 'FOUR DAYS OF SNOW' Cliviger Lancashire

Original Watercolour
Acquired Direct from the Artist

Medium: Watercolour

Size: 11.50" x 25.50"

Price: £1,695

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