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Paul Armitage

Paul Armitage was born in North Yorkshire and moved to Cornwall in 2001.

Influenced by the Post War abstract artists such as Victor Pasmore and Ben Nicholson, Paul's abract works are focused on line, shape and nature.  His device of tilting the topographic perspective to the picture plane and shaping his supports into irregular off-square fromats effectively and in his own words; "draws attention to the painting as architectonic deposition rather than as a window to the world.  For Paul, the fissures and cracks, displacements and fault lines all allow glimpses below the surface, expressing pictorially what he sees within his subject matter.

The shapes which form the language of Paul's paintings are the hillsides, quarries, hilltop farms and the views from the sea and towards the  sea.

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From Newbridge

Original Oil on Board
Acquired by The Fletcher Gate Fine Art Gallery in Cornwall

Medium: Oil on Board

Size: 14.50" x 14"

Price: £895

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