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Maria Dryden


Emerging artist


A modern contemporary seascape and coastal scene artist. In her dramatic and vibrantly colourful paintings,  Maria tries to  capture the emotional impact of sea and sky.

Her passion for their eternal movement is reflected in her vibrant use of colour and gestural, emotive brushstrokes, creating a unique style of painting which is largely figurative/representational but with a dream-like edge.

Deep, mesmerizing colour is a keynote of her work. She introduces sky into the seascape like a character in a story, sometimes with the playful use of cloud to show movement and colour. The painting ‘Sky On Fire’ reflects this, denoting awe at how something as timeless and regular as a sunset can take your breath away.

Maria visits countries throughout Europe as well as America where she once lived,to witness enigmatic skies, sunsets and seas, to use in her work.

She was born in Leeds in 1964 and lives and paints in Nottingham, having lived in Chicago and South Carolina.

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Sky on Fire

Original Oil on Canvas
Acquired Direct from the Artist

Size: 31.50" x 39.75"

Price: £1,200

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